12.10.2011 09:25 Alter: 7 yrs

Erfolg - Müllverbrennung wird nicht in Ettringen gebaut!

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alex, 12-10-11 10:04:
Harald, 13-10-11 18:47:
Regine, 13-10-11 20:39:
Guenther, 14-10-11 16:28:
Kedar, 22-03-12 07:22:
what the fuck? why? this is bullshit man, i love your show, it's great,i would much rhetar watch you than that idiot shane dowson. If anyone deserves 5000$ per episode it's you!!! i really don't know what i can do to help, i wish i could. still, .WHAT THE FUCK, your show is funny and entertaining, youtube sucks, if you never post a video again it would be a terrible waste, i wish you good health and good luck and i honestly hope i will see another youtrax show soon, very soon. I support you!!!

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